Stay Green Wins 3 National Merit Awards

Media Release
SANTA CLARITA, CA – The honors keep rolling in as Stay Green Inc.’s team of professionals earns industry recognition for excellence: Following on the heels of three state-level awards, Stay Green has received three merit awards from the National Association of Landscape Professionals.
The Lakes at Thousand Oaks

“We’re extremely honored to receive this recognition from the NALP,” Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo said. “We strive to promote a culture of excellence at Stay Green, and honors like this demonstrate to our team members that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.”

The NALP awards follow three awards Stay Green received in November from the California Landscape Contractors Association, doubling Stay Green’s total of state and national awards received this fall.
Stay Green was honored with NALP merit awards for its work on the landscapes of three different clients:
  • The Lakes at Thousand Oaks
  • Sonoma Apartments
  • Brock Villas Owners Association
Brock Villas

“It’s always our goal to ensure that every client’s landscape is healthy, beautiful and environmentally sustainable,” Angelo said. “These awards are a reflection of that commitment, and we couldn’t be more proud of our team.”

The judging criteria include overall appearance, degree of difficulty, appearance of turf, appearance of trees, appearance of annual color, appearance of shrubs and appearance of ground cover.
Sonoma Apartments

The National Association of Landscape Professionals Awards of Excellence recognizes superior projects in the areas of landscape, lawn care and interior maintenance, design/build, installation, container plantings and erosion control. Projects range in size and scope. This year, 131 awards were presented to lawn and landscape companies across the nation.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals ( represents an industry that employs nearly 1 million landscape, lawn care, irrigation and tree care professionals who create and maintain healthy green spaces for the benefit of society and the environment.

Stay Green Earns Trio of State Awards

Media Release

SANTA CLARITA, CA – Stay Green Inc. continued its award-winning ways this fall, bringing home three Trophy Awards from the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) annual gala, in recognition of excellence in landscaping and maintenance.

Milestone Community Association
“All credit for these honors goes to our team members, who work so hard each day to ensure that every client’s landscape is vibrant, healthy and sustainable,” Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo said. “We’re also quite proud of the varied categories in which our team’s work has been honored. It shows that the Stay Green team is up to the various challenges of managing different kinds of landscapes on different kinds of properties.”
University Village
The awards were presented at the CLCA state convention, “Connecting to Our Roots, Growing into Our Future,” held Nov. 16-19 at the Paso Robles Inn. The CLCA is a nonprofit trade organization whose members include landscape contractors and public officials.
Stay Green was honored with two first-place awards in different categories:
  • Medium HOA Maintenance: Milestone Community Association, Santa Clarita Valley.
  • Public Works/Sports, Parks & Athletic Fields: University Village Thousand Oaks.
The CLCA also presented Stay Green with an outstanding achievement award in the Large HOA Maintenance category, in recognition of Stay Green’s excellent work for the Alta Vista HOA in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Alta Vista HOA
The Trophy Awards program recognizes the best of California landscaping, with professional judges anonymously visiting each site and evaluating the landscape work based on criteria including workmanship, quality of construction, quality of landscape materials and overall appearance.
The CLCA sponsors the trophy awards as part of the organization’s efforts to “encourage interest in landscaping, recognize crafts people who produce outstanding landscapes, create pride in superior workmanship and to bestow public recognition on companies, institutions, municipalities and residents for their interest in a beautiful California.”

Stay Green Donates Landscape for CHP Memorial

CHP, Stay Green and Eternal Valley Team up to Honor Fallen Officers

SANTA CLARITA, CA – The Santa Clarita Valley will never forget the sacrifices of those who have laid down their lives to protect this community. That’s the overriding message behind a coordinated effort to refresh and rejuvenate a memorial to four California Highway Patrol officers who were killed in the line of duty during a 1970 shootout that became known as The Newhall Incident.

(From left) CHP Capt. Ed Krusey; Curtis Woods, general manager of Eternal Valley Memorial Park and Mortuary; and Chris Angelo, CEO of Stay Green Inc., pose for a photo at a memorial for four CHP officers killed in the 1970 shootout known as the Newhall Incident. The memorial is located outside the CHP’s Newhall Area Station and was completed through a partnership between Stay Green and Eternal Valley.

Now, the four officers are honored in a newly donated, freshly landscaped memorial designed and constructed by the local landscape company, Stay Green Inc., as part of a project initiated by Eternal Valley Memorial Park.

The previous memorial, erected on a brick wall, had become obscured as the CHP’s Newhall Station had grown to accommodate needs for additional community services.

“These four young men made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of this valley, so when we heard the memorial was in need of renovation, we knew right away that we wanted to be involved,” Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo said. “Our professional landscape team embraced this project from the start, carefully designing and building a landscaped memorial that will respect and honor the memories of these four officers.”

The new memorial garden, located at the main entrance to the CHP station on The Old Road, centers around a large boulder, where the original memorial plaque pays tribute to Officers George Alleyn, Walt Frago, Roger Gore and James Pence.

Stay Green became involved after being approached by Curtis Woods, general manager of Eternal Valley Memorial Park and Mortuary, and chairman of the SCV Chamber of Commerce board. Woods said Eternal Valley was initially approached by the CHP about working on the permanent memorial.

“It was an honor for us to be considered as a partner with them,” he said. “I really appreciate the CHP and what they’re doing to create a permanent memorial for these officers, to ensure their service will never be forgotten.”

As Woods took stock of Chamber of Commerce members who could be potential partners for the project, Stay Green was at the top of the list. While initial talks revolved around having a fundraiser to help offset the cost, Stay Green wound up covering the cost.

“Chris Angelo and Stay Green really stepped up to the plate,” he said. “I was really impressed. Chris didn’t bat an eye.”

The boulder and plaque are framed by four “skyrocket” juniper trees representing the officers. A crushed granite pathway leads to the boulder, surrounded by plantings of amber “flower carpet” roses and blue chalksticks, a succulent ground cover.

“From a practical standpoint, all of the plantings are well suited to our local climate, and can tolerate the local heat while using water efficiently,” Angelo said. “And, from an aesthetic standpoint, the plantings will mature to provide the beauty, respect, dignity and tranquility that are appropriate for the memorial.”

Capt. Ed Krusey of the CHP’s Newhall Area office expressed appreciation for the efforts of Stay Green, Eternal Valley and all of the volunteers who helped with the project.

“The CHP Newhall Area Senior Volunteers have been an instrumental part in revitalizing the CHP Newhall Area memorial for the four fallen CHP officers.  They have spearheaded the project with Stay Green and Dignity Memorial (Eternal Valley) along with the assistance from Advanced Innovations Construction Inc. and Caltrans,” Krusey said. “The Newhall CHP Area office truly appreciates these entities and what they have done to give our office a beautiful remembrance to the four officers who paid the ultimate price the night of April 5, 1970.”

Staff of the CHP’s Santa Clarita Valley Station, Stay Green Inc. and Eternal Valley Memorial Park and Mortuary pose for a photo at the memorial recently completed outside the station for victims of the 1970 Newhall Incident shootout. From left: CHP volunteer Harry Fisher; Josh Greengard, CHP public information officer; CHP Officer Frank Vargas; Kelli Esser, CHP office services supervisor; CHP Capt. Ed Krusey; Curtis Woods, general manager of Eternal Valley; Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo; Patti Palominos, Eternal Valley mortuary manager; and Danielle Villegas, Eternal Valley marker coordinator. The memorial was completed through a partnership between Stay Green and Eternal Valley.

The Newhall Incident was a 4½-minute gun battle that ensued when Officers Frago and Gore stopped a vehicle that had been reported as having one of its occupants brandish a weapon. They pulled into the parking lot of a now defunct restaurant, about a mile away from the current CHP station. The occupants of the car — Jack Twinning and Bobby Davis — came out firing, killing both officers in a matter of seconds.

Pence and Alleyn, arriving to provide backup to their fellow officers, were also shot and killed at the scene, and Twinning and Davis fled. They split up, and a nine-hour manhunt ensued. Twinning broke into a house and briefly held an occupant hostage before killing himself. Davis was captured and later convicted on four murder counts. He died in prison in 2008.

The four officers were survived by their wives and a total of seven children ranging in age from 9 months to 4 years.

The incident was widely scrutinized, and resulted in fundamental changes in the training of law enforcement officers as well as equipment and procedures for high-risk and felony traffic stops.

Additional information about The Newhall Incident can be found on the CHP’s website at:

Stay Green Inc. Gets Overall Safety Achievement Award

Stay Green Inc. announced today that it was recently awarded an Overall Safety Achievement Award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

The award, part of NALP’s annual Safety Recognition Awards Program and sponsored by CNA, honors those companies with thorough, high-performing safety programs that create and maintain safe work environments in the lawn and landscape industry. It is designed to reward lawn and landscape companies that consistently demonstrate their commitment to safety.

Stay Green Inc. was evaluated on number of accidents, number of days that employees were away from work, and number of employee injuries and illnesses. In addition, a checklist was used to rate the company’s complete safety program.

“Creating a safe work environment shows our employees and clients that we care,” said Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo. “Safety is a big part of our culture and it is emphasized in our values and behaviors. We’re extremely proud of the degree to which our entire team has adopted the safety-first culture.”

Stay Green is a Southern California landscape industry leader, providing award-winning landscape maintenance, tree and plant health care, water management and landscape design/build services – all with abiding commitments to sustainability, environmental responsibility and safety.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals represents an industry that employs nearly 1 million landscape, lawn care, irrigation and tree care professionals who create and maintain healthy green spaces for the benefit of society and the environment. For more information, visit

Bark Beetles Invade Santa Clarita Valley

bark beetles

What appear to be liquid stains on a tree can actually be evidence of a bark beetle infestation.

Stay Green Inc.’s tree care experts have reported the first local sightings of the shot hole borer, a destructive Southeast Asian bark beetle that kills trees by infesting them with a devastating fungus that cripples a tree’s vascular system.

This past weekend, a Stay Green account manager was checking on a landscaped common area in Valencia and noticed a sycamore tree that appeared to have a shot hole borer infestation. Arborists from Stay Green and the city of Santa Clarita confirmed the infestation, and four more nearby sycamores were also found to be infested.”This is alarming news for numerous varieties of trees,” Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo said. “These pests have already caused the death or removal of thousands of trees throughout Southern California, and this is the first evidence we’ve seen that the shot hole borers have infiltrated the Santa Clarita Valley.”

The shot hole borers are “polyphagous,” which means they are capable of feeding on various kinds of food. This makes them a threat to many different species of trees, although some trees are more vulnerable than others. In addition to sycamores, other trees that are especially vulnerable to the shot hole borers include oaks, avocado trees, castor bean and box elders.

bark beetles

Trees can appear deceptively healthy for quite some time after a bark beetle infestation but the long-term damage is devastating.

“If you have a tree that’s been infested by shot hole borers, you may not even know it,” Angelo said. “They are tiny beetles, just a bit smaller than a sesame seed, and they make very small holes in a tree’s bark. By the time you see visible evidence of their presence, there’s a good chance they have already done their damage to the tree.”

The shot hole borers are an invasive, non-native species that experts believe arrived to the Southland via international cargo packing crates, as far back as 2003. Over the past year, they have been rapidly spreading throughout multiple Southern California counties.

Angelo said prevention is the best way to address bark beetles.

“Our tree care experts can provide treatments to battle infestation, but even more importantly, they have developed preventive treatments that protect trees from bark beetles for a year to two years at a time,” Angelo said.

He added that treatment is more cost-effective than tree removal. “The best way to fight a shot hole borer infestation is to prevent it from happening in the first place.”

Download our printable Bark Beetle Invasion flier: Click Here

Seeing Red After Wildfires? Don’t Be Worried

When the Sand Fire sparked up on July 22 in Santa Clarita Valley, it was the beginning of several days of devastation as the fast-moving fire scorched more than 30,000 acres. We all watched as hundreds of fire personnel worked around the clock to battle the blaze and we’re thankful for their efforts.

Now that the smoke has cleared, property owners may have a few questions about what’s left behind. One of the important tools for firefighters is Phos-Chek, a distinctive fire retardant foam that’s dropped onto burn areas from specially equipped aircraft such as DC-10s. Before eventually fading in the sunlight, it blankets everything bright red.
You might be asking yourself:

“Is it harmful?”

“Is it going to destroy my landscaping?”

The good news is, other than a bit of a mess to clean up, you don’t have much to worry about.

Phos-Chek is the brand name for a biodegradable fire retardant that’s been around since the early 1960s. It is about 75 percent ammonium phosphate, which functions as the active fire retardant compound and eventually acts essentially as fertilizer. Phos-Chek is dropped onto areas of threatened vegetation before the arrival of an approaching fire.

While it can have a negative effect on fish when dropped over water, no serious lasting effects on vegetation have been found, other than some minor photosynthesis inhibition due to the dye. As far as human contact, the biggest risks are inhalation hazards when preparing the mixture for deployment, or contact with the eyes or skin after it’s been spread.

Think about this: Over the years, fire crews have dropped literally millions of gallons of Phos-Chek on fire areas, and we have yet to see serious negative effects on plant mortality. For those of us in the landscaping industry, that is very reassuring.

As property owners work to get things back to normal after this wildfire, the trained professionals on our Stay Green team are working with them to ensure their property is cleaned and cared for properly. Because Phos-Chek can be a skin or eye irritant, it’s important to exercise care when cleaning up areas where it’s been dropped. Click here to contact us and find out how Stay Green can help you clean up your landscaping.

While on the subject of wildfires, I want to stress how important it is to make brush clearance a priority for your property. Stay Green provides brush clearance services for a number of clients, and I can tell you that we’ve seen firsthand what a difference can be made to protect a property by investing in clearing back overgrowth. By clearing overgrown brush now, your property stands a better chance should a wildfire flare up. Click here to contact us today or call (800) 858-5508  and schedule your consultation. We are here to help you.

And, as we’ve seen with the Sand Fire, we could be in for a very difficult fire season.

Click Here to download an informational one-sheet.

Stay Green Brings Home Seven Landscaping Awards

Things have been coming up roses for the team at Stay Green Inc., after the Santa Clarita-based landscaper brought home seven awards from the San Fernando Valley chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association’s (CLCA) 57th annual Landscape Beautification Awards.

Outstanding Achievement, Small HOA Maintenance, Alta Vista HOA in Santa Clarita

The awards were presented at the 57th annual Landscape Beautification Awards Banquet, July 9 at Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City.

Founded in 1970, Stay Green provides landscape services for commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout Southern California.

Stay Green received the following first-place awards:

  • Medium Commercial Maintenance for The Commons of Calabasas
  • Public Works Maintenance for the City of Burbank

The company also received the following Outstanding Achievement awards:

  • Small Commercial Maintenance for Grace to You in Santa Clarita
  • Medium Commercial Maintenance for The Lakes at Thousand Oaks
  • Small HOA Maintenance for Camino del Sol in Oxnard and Alta Vista HOA in Santa Clarita
  • Large HOA Maintenance for Fair Oaks Ranch in Santa Clarita

First Place, Public Works Maintenance, City of Burbank

“If you ask anyone on our team why we put so much effort into our work, they’ll tell you it has nothing to do with winning awards,” Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo said. “The awards are a wonderful validation, but ultimately we are committed to delivering the highest level of service for every client because it’s what they deserve. Whatever the size of a client’s property, we truly do want to be the natural choice for professional landscape services.”

Stay Green began as a truly one-man operation when it was started by Richard Angelo. Over nearly 50 years, it has flourished into a multiple award-winning landscape firm that serves clients throughout the Los Angeles region and Ventura County.  Stay Green specializes in areas such as landscape maintenance, plant health care, sustainability and water management.

Outstanding Achievement, Medium Commercial Maintenance, The Lakes at Thousand Oaks

Stay Green stands out in large part because of their leadership, said Nelson Colvin, a member of the CLCA San Fernando Valley chapter’s board who said he has known Richard Angelo since he started the company.

“What makes them stand out starts at the top with Rich and Chris, their management style and their interaction with the people in the field.” he said. “The company has a very strong family attitude and that shows in the work that’s done.”

The CLCA is a nonprofit trade organization of landscape contractors. The association’s members include landscape contractors and public officials.

About Stay Green
Founded in 1970, Stay Green Inc. provides award-winning landscape maintenance, tree care, and plant health care services for premiere residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout Southern California. Stay Green serves clients throughout Southern California, and exercises environmental stewardship through its Sustainability Practices, which are applied across all service lines to help customers protect the environment as well as the bottom line. Stay Green Inc. is recognized as a leading provider of high-quality landscape services, having achieved a 95 percent customer retention rate, along with receiving the industry’s most prestigious awards.

Stay Green Celebrates Its Employees at 8th Annual Picnic

Stay Green Celebrates Its Employees at 8th Annual Picnic
The Stay Green team spent Saturday, May 14, in a celebratory mood, for our 8th annual Employee Appreciation Picnic, held at Dr. Richard H. Rioux Memorial Park in Stevenson Ranch.

This year, we saw the best turnout yet for our picnic, with nearly 500 employees and their families in attendance. Highlights of the day included a mariachi band, face painting and games for the kids, a taco bar, and some great raffle prizes including a 40-inch TV and a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball package worth $500.

“Stay Green was started 46 years ago as a family business, and despite our growth through the years it still feels very much like a family,” Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo said. “Our annual picnic is always a great time of enjoying a day together and thanking our team members for their dedication and quality work.”

The picnic is also our time to present milestone awards for employees who have been with us for a certain number of years. This year, we had 11 employees celebrating five years, six celebrating 10 years, three celebrating 15 years and two celebrating 35 years. Juan Perez and Jose Pelayo Guzman have worked loyally with Stay Green founder Richard Angelo since the company was still a small operation.

“It’s difficult to overstate how much we value the loyalty and dedication of our employees,” Richard Angelo said. “Their commitment to excellence has helped make Stay Green what it is today. This company has flourished in ways I never imagined when I started the business.”

This year’s picnic set another record, with more than $10,000 in sponsorships from our fantastic equipment partners. This year’s sponsors included Bishop Co.; BOSS; Bruce Wilson & Company; Dubbs Technology; Enterprise Fleet Services; Ewing; Harris Office Products; Hunter; Hydro-Scape Products, Inc.; Lockton; Mellady Direct Marketing; PDQ Rentals; Poole & Shaffery, LLP; Sol Print Solutions; Stern, Kory, Sreden, & Morgan; Stotz Equipment; and Village Nurseries.

“We couldn’t do the work we do without excellent partners, and we really appreciate all they do to support us as well as their support that takes our annual picnics to the next level,” Chris Angelo said.

Click here to see more photos from the 8th annual Employee Appreciation Picnic.

About Stay Green Inc.

Stay Green Inc. delivers the quality, expertise and resources only an industry leader can provide, combining exceptional client service with an unsurpassed reputation for excellence that spans four decades. Based in Santa Clarita, the company has more than 300 employees working in Landscape Maintenance, Plant Health Care, Tree Care, Water Management Services and Landscape Design/Build Services. Stay Green serves clients throughout Southern California, and exercises environmental stewardship through its Sustainability Practices, which are applied across all service lines to help customers protect the environment as well as the bottom line. Stay Green Inc. is recognized as a leading provider of high-quality landscape services, having achieved a 95 percent customer retention rate, along with receiving the industry’s most prestigious awards.

The Stay Green Team Trains for Safety and Success

At Stay Green, we believe a strong workforce is one that continually sharpens its skills. That’s why on April 12 and 13 we brought together 270 team members from throughout the Southern California regions we serve to focus on training. Over the course of the two-day event, we provided a combined 2,000-plus hours of training. All employees who attended received training certification at the end of the event.

The 1st Annual Training for Safety and Success event was split between our northern Los Angeles County yard in Castaic and one of our yards in the city of Los Angeles. In attendance were Stay Green employees who work throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

“We don’t view training as a task, we believe it is an investment,” Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo said. “By investing in training that focuses on absolute safety and successful work practices we ensure that we are constantly improving.”

The training event was sponsored by several of Stay Green’s valued equipment partners: Bishop, CAT, CAT-Quinn Rentals, Ditch Witch, John Deere, Stihl, Stotz, Target Specialty Products, and Vermeer. Representatives from the companies were on hand for the training.

The event was broken up into a number of training modules focused on proper use, maintenance, and safety for a variety of equipment including:

Hand tools (saws, pruners, etc.)
Sprayers and fertilizer spreaders
Standing and ride-on mowers
Tractors and excavators

The training also included a module focused on prevention of heat-related illness, of particular importance in our Southern California climate.

“Stay Green places a high priority on ensuring our team members have the resources and education they need to do their best, and to do it safely,” Angelo said. “This inaugural training event went very well, and it is just one of the many ways we strive to ensure Stay Green continues to be a leader in the landscape industry.”




Stay Green Inc. Flourishes in State and National Landscaping Awards

Cornerstone HOA

Cornerstone HOA in Santa Clarita

This was another award-winning year for Stay Green Inc., after we brought home seven state awards from the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) annual trophy awards gala, plus three awards from the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

The CLCA is a nonprofit trade organization whose members include landscape contractors and public officials. The awards were presented at during the organization’s annual convention, Nov. 13 at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort and Spa.

Stay Green received three first-place state awards at the gala reception:

  • Small Commercial Maintenance for McDonalds, Santa Clarita;
  • Medium Homeowners Association (HOA) Maintenance for Cornerstone HOA, Santa Clarita;
  • Large HOA Maintenance for Valencia Mayfair, Santa Clarita

“This company was started by my dad as a truly one-man operation, with a commitment to the highest-quality service. After nearly 50 years of growth, those core principles have not changed,” Stay Green CEO Chris Angelo said. “Receiving these awards is a great affirmation of the quality of the work done by our team.”

The Promenade at Westlake

Stay Green also received four Outstanding Achievement awards in the CLCA Trophy Awards:

  • Public Works, for T-2 Old Orchard in Santa Clarita;
  • Large HOA Maintenance for Burbank Hills in Burbank;
  • Medium HOA Maintenance for Devonshire Village in Northridge;
  • Condos/Townhomes/Apartments for the Sonoma Apartments in Porter Ranch.

“The judges were impressed by Stay Green’s technical prowess and attention to detail, noting ‘Very well done; excellent craftsmanship,’” CLCA Communications Manager John Sassaman said. “Stay Green’s water-management skills also earned accolades.”

  • The Merit Awards received in the 2015 Awards of Excellence, presented by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) include:
  • Commercial Landscape Management (Housing), for the Siena Villas HOA in Santa Clarita;
  • Commercial Landscape Management (Retail) for The Commons at Calabasas;
  • Commercial Landscape Management (Retail) for The Promenade at Westlake.
  • Commercial Landscape Management (Housing), for the Siena Villas HOA in Santa Clarita;

The Commons at Calabasas

Projects entered in the NALP awards range in size and scope from under $25,000 to more than $1 million. The organization represents approximately 100,000 landscape industry professionals across the U.S.

“While our focus is on serving clients throughout Southern California, receiving national recognition says a lot about the level of our work,” Angelo said.